Baby Massage for Expectant Parents 

'Preparing for Baby' Course

A course introducing expectant parents to a Baby & Infant massage routine that can be used once baby arrives. The course consists of 3 group classes over 3 weeks (before baby arrives) and a private class, which parents can book once baby arrives.

All attendees receive a completion certificate and Sleepy Sorella 'Infant Massage Strokes' PDF Handbook

Online 'Preparing for Baby' Course cost - £30

Group Classes last 45 minutes 

Private Class lasting between 45 minutes - 1 hour

Course Details

A baby's tummy and legs are in view. The baby's hands hold a rainbow soft toy over the baby's tummy. The rainbow has a smiling face.
Week 1 - Happy Tummies

Massage stroke routine for baby's Chest, Tummy and Legs, with a focus on relief of common digestive ailments

A sleeping baby girl with her hands either side of her head and a dummy in her mouth.
Week 2 - Sweet Dreams

Massage stroke routine for baby's Feet, Arms & Hands, with a focus on improving baby's sleep

A baby girl's face, with big blue eyes and mouth open in surprise.
Week 3 - Teething Relief

Massage stroke routine for baby's Head & Back, with a focus on soothing baby's teething ailments

A close up image of a baby's hands. The middle finger on one hand touches the index finger of the other.
Private Class

Guided massage routine for 2 areas of baby's body, as well as an opportunity to ask questions and refresh knowledge of strokes learnt in previous classes.