Benefits of Infant Massage

As well as a wonderful bonding experience for parent  and

baby, Infant massage offers a wealth of other benefits for

both of you, including:

Relief of common ailments for baby, such as teething

    pains, colic, wind & constipation

♡ Release of the 'Happy Hormone' Oxytocin as a result of the loving touch & skin to skin contact that Infant Massage provides. Oxytocin can stimulate feelings of bonding, well-being and relaxation

♡ Improves Baby's sleep and can be a relaxing addition to baby's bedtime routine 

♡ Boosts baby's internal systems including their immune system, digestive system and respiratory system

♡ Encourages baby's development including body awareness, social skills and muscle stimulation/strengthening

♡ Increases awareness of baby's cues and behaviours helping parents to effectively connect and communicate with their baby

A smiling baby girl lays on her back with her hands resting on her tummy. She wears a white sleepsuit with pink flowers.